At first we were all quite resistant to hard work at the farm but the team building trips, meals together and night activities helped us gel as a group and made us want to complete the project together.

Our team was encouraged to arrive at the farm on time in order to get the best pick of the jobs. Shovelling horse and sheep 'produce.' was not considered

On this brilliant exchange, we were able to go far beyond what organic fruit has to offer to learn more about the diverse ethnic make-up of this Balkan state.


We attended a festival celebrating International Romani Day on the 8th of April. It was an experience we were lucky to be a part of;  we got to wave the Romani flag whilst attempting to do a traditional dance guided by local people. We were invited in with open arms and traditional coffee and it was one of the most special memories from the whole trip.

Come Dine With Baba

Our hosts arranged for us to visit a local farm 

We spent a day cooking with Baba, an old lady on the neighbouring farm. She ran us through the process of cooking from the land from start to finish. First we picked our own doc leaves and nettles from her garden, we then boiled these with spices whilst preparing dough that we flattened and stretched using narrow rolling pins. The stretching was hard, you had to roll it really thick making sure it didn’t tear. After the first 5 attempts or so, it definitely got easier! The process was deeply traditional, Baba helped us stuff and create pasties that we then all ate for a very late lunch.



A representative of Project 2020 joined the National Youth Council of Macedonia at D-Fest in Dojran, Macedonia a Green Themed music festival run by NGO's for young people. Here she made 'Seed Bombs with festival goers.

Organic Farming @ D-Fest 2016

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