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EduGaming for Diversity

The main goal of the project "EduGaming for Diversity" is to build capacities of youth organization to contribute to a cohesive and active society, through developing specific competencies in designing educational tabletop games addressing social and global issues.

Specific objectives:

- To increase the level of knowledge and awareness of youth workers and young people like: social exclusion, intercultural learning and promotion of diversity.
- To develop practical competencies of youth workers in designing and applying new educational tabletop games in youth work. 

- To develop pro-active attitudes of youth workers to approaching excluded young people. 

- To increase the level of creativity, innovation, self confidence and trust of youth workers in educational tabletop games. 

- To enable youth workers to act as educational tabletop games multipliers in their communities. 

- To develop abilities to facilitate educational tabletop games in diverse settings and youth work contexts 

- To contribute to a long-term change in educational approach in youth field.

Second training course:


In Busteni, Romania


From 27th of June until 7th of July 2019


Second practice: Designing and implementing educational programs for young people based on developed games. Followed by dissemination and evaluation

Here is the link for the application form that all potential participants should fill in:

Fist training course:


In Sremski Karlovci, Serbia


From 8th until 17th of February 2019


First practice: Creating games & Playtesting

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